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Invincible New Boat Models

There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying a new boat. Invincible boats are fishing machines expertly designed with the latest techniques, crafted using the best materials, and engineered to meet the demands of serious anglers. In 2006, they didn’t just build a boat, they reimagined an industry from scratch, and haven’t stopped since.

Offering monohulls from 33 to 42 feet, and catamarans from 33 to 46 feet, even the 46′ Pilothouse, Invincible has a boat ideal for everyone. Perfect for days on the Bay or fishing offshore all it takes is one ride to convince you.

Discover why Invincible is defined by their differences.

Center Consoles

2024 Invincible
43 Open Fisherman
2024 Invincible
39 Open Fisherman
2024 Invincible
36 Open Fisherman
2024 Invincible
33 Open Fisherman