White Marlin Open 2022

White Marlin Open 2022


The 49th Annual White Marlin Open delivered a world record payout…for the second year in a row. It was not a great tournament for the billfish and the bigeye tuna ruled the leaderboard most of the week.

Monday the scales were busy with boats weighing tuna, wahoo, and dolphin, but no qualified marlin came to Harbour Island.

Tuesday was a bad weather day and we saw only 15 boats fish, with none bringing any catch to the scale.

On Wednesday some anglers felt the pressure, if they did not fish Monday or Tuesday, they had to fish Wednesday to get in all of their 5 fishing days. Tuna continued to rule the week and the leaderboard saw many changes, but still no qualifying marlin. Taking over the first-place position for tuna by just 1lbs, Southern C’s weighed a 247.5lbs tuna, this fish would go on to win this category. 2 white marlin were brought in but did meet either the length or weight qualifications.

Thursday came quickly and the weather was looking good for the 352 boats that were fishing- the most any day of the tournament. A blue marlin was brought in by Cabana and weighed 511lbs! This is the only blue that made it to the scales making it worth $1,208,419! The first qualifying white marlin came in at 71.5lbs on C-Student and held first place to end the 4th day of the tournament.

Friday was a record-setting day. After a slow week for the marlin, leave it to Ocean City’s BillFisher to shake up the scales and break records. Overall, 6 million dollars changed hands in the last hours of the 2022 White Marlin Open. Billfisher came to the scales and weighed a 77.5lbs white. Since they were competing in all the skill levels, they took the title for the largest price ever paid for catching a fish. $4,536,000! In addition to bringing in the biggest white marlin, Billfisher was also named the top boat based on releasing the most billfish during the tournament.

Most of the Intrinsic crew spent all week in Ocean City fishing the tournament, seeing clients, and taking part in White Marlin Open traditions.

We got up at 4 am to see the boats leaving the Inlet, we had a great company dinner at the Assateague Crab House, and continued the tradition of pizza night. We were happy to spend time with the Big Oh! sportfishing team while they fished the 2023 Hatteras GT 59, Hatterascal, and treated us to their fresh caught tuna and dockside crab feast.

For a full recap from the White Marlin Open and the results click here. We are already looking forward to the 50th White Marlin Open next year!

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