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Bonadeo New Boat Models




Because of how highly customized Bonadeo Boatworks boats are, there are no two that are even close to alike. We would love to share information with you on how truly special these yachts are.  Call us to learn more, and please use this page as a good starting point on the exceptional craftsmanship of Bonadeo Boatworks.





Bonadeo Boatworks was created by Larry and Tony Bonadeo with a simple goal: to build a custom tender for Larry’s larger custom sportfish. They set out to build a superior boat with state-of-the-art materials and unsurpassed fit and finish.  The first crew was comprised of Larry and his sons Tony, Dominic, and Angelo. Utilizing today’s materials, replacing the wooden core with Composite Cross-linked structural foams. along with intensive engineering, the result was a boat that is built to be lighter and stronger than most on the market.

Today the construction processes consist of vacuum bagging and resin infusion with Composite Structural Cores.  They utilize Epoxy and Vinyl Ester Resins, Kevlar®, Carbon Fiber, Biaxial, Tri-axial, and Quad-axial Fiberglass, as well as cross-linked structural cores to achieve weight savings (that also equates to fuel savings).

Bonadeo Boatworks primary focus is Custom Sportfish Boat Construction. Each boat is built by hand, starting with conceptual ideas from the prospective owner, through finalization with a naval engineer/designer. Widely recognized for the quality of their construction, innovative ideas, and future accessibility of systems for ease of maintenance, the abilities of the Bonadeo Boatworks craftsmen truly shine.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can create your own custom masterpiece or how we can help put you into one of the gorgeous boats already created.