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Invincible Boats New Models

Invincible Boats was formed to create the “perfect” boat out there for both the tournament angler who needed speed and the light tackle guide that needed fishability.

The result is a boat that is both fast and dry. What good is fast if you are soaking wet when you arrive at your destination? THE INVINCIBLE’S performance in rough water is outstanding. The deck was designed to fight fish. No pulpits, no bulky gunwales or low decks. Two oversized live wells make the boat more fishable. Rugged construction was required because they knew what tournament fishermen would put their boats through. Finally, it has the fit and finish of the finest boats while having the price that most could afford.

The result is a boat that is unequaled. It’s fast- very fast. It’s extremely dry and built with the latest technology and best materials in the boating industry. The INVINCIBLE is a true tournament boat that has set a new standard in the industry.